The Technosteria organization was established several years ago to challenge the “Green” hysteria about technology in general. Most “Technology”, like any (other*) kind of tool, can be used for good or evil, so generally speaking, it has no inherent character. In contrast, “Nature” does have several inherent characteristics.


Actually, “Nature”, often in contemporary thinking associated with a gentle – or at least harmonious and stable – being or spirit, has several perhaps inadequately-recognized unpleasant characteristics. There certainly is a quite finely-tuned “balance” in every surviving ecological system. But throughout most of Earth’s 4+ billion-year history, the stability of these has most often been disrupted not by Man – but by “Mother” Nature herself. And these disruptions have usually been completely capricious and often quite violent.


Of course Man has committed quite a few environmental atrocities as well – there’s no excuse for the all-too-numerous wanton destructions of habitats and species we’ve committed down through the ages. And as we continue developing technology, our capacity to multiply environmental impacts – for good or bad – will continue to grow as well. So we must maintain a steady awareness and vigilance to minimize harm. But just as “Mother Nature” is not all Goodness, Technology is by no means all Bad.


  • * in one sense, technology is toolmaking, and toolmaking is technology




Technosteria’s goals are to provide intellectually-honest, scientifically-valid resources to effectively counter the ‘Green’ hysteria over technologies.

Current areas of specific concern for Technosteria are the EU-developed “RoHS” type substance bans, and the alleged catastrophic human-caused global warming.

We are particularly alarmed about the massive waste/ mis-allocations of all forms of economic resources (including, but not limited to, people’s time & effort, ‘pure’ monetary, and ‘natural’ resources) which are already occurring because of badly misguided policy decisions based on widespread false information and alarms of looming environmental disaster(s).


 In assessing the credibility/value of any  site offering issue-related content, it’s of course necessary to understand the ‘biases’ or ‘agenda’ of the site’s sponsor(s).    As should be evident from statements above and elsewhere on this site, the individuals involved in Technosteria openly oppose the often un-stated, but pervasive, belief among many environmental ‘activists’ that technology is inherently (and seriously) environmentally harmful.  And we decry the frequent evasion or obfuscation of the anti-technology, anti-prosperity, and indeed, anti-humanity agenda of so much of the contemporary ‘Green’ movement.


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