Please   Respect  Diversity!

                                     I-77 in West Virginia                                                                                           


 (CCA SA2.5                 (GNU/CCASA2.5                                               

                                                  I-70 in Utah                                                                                               I-95 in Delaware



                                                                                ErgoSum88                                                                                                      Dough4872


And, please be very considerate of one of a person’s most    

precious, limited assets – their time     


Highway travelling conditions vary tremendously across the United States.  In many parts of the country, things are fairly close together – intercity distances are not too great, or there are extended stretches of urban/ semi-urban conditions.

But in other parts of the country – especially well west of the Mississippi – there are many miles of wide-open roads.  It can take many hours – or days to get to your destination out there.



One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to highway speed limits!  And, the genius of our federal system is that the several states can take a diversity of approaches to matters affecting them – so long as federal lawmakers remember and observe this key principle of our nation’s founding.




Not only can there be a diversity of approaches to problems at a societal/ public level, but a multitude of ways of adapting to challenges is possible on an individual level, too.  But only so long as people aren’t all crammed together into a “one-size-fits-all” shoebox.


        interesting new hi-tech add-on fuel economy monitor                                        hybrid – a contemporary icon of fuel efficiency


(But some of the most important individual adaptations couldn’t be illustrated – from the subtle changes of less-rapid acceleration, to the really invisible ones of forgoing trips entirely)


Please respect our national diversity, and don’t devalue our precious time!

Don’t impose another federally-mandated speed limit.

This privately-paid for message is from the people at


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